2010 – 2011 State Winners

Congratulations to everyone who participated with our program this year and especially to those who made it to the State level of our competition. You are all amazing. If you were unable to attend the awards assembly, your entries, certificates and trophies where applicable have all been taken to your school by someone who attended. (Thank you!)
Now, what you’ve been waiting for… here is the list of State level winners:

Theater: K-2: 1st – Kyra P. CS Lewis 2nd – Cambria Y. North Star
3-5: 1st – Sierra D. Reagan
2nd – Kara B. The Ranches
6-8: 1st – Alejandra C. Mountainville
2nd – Hunter Y. North Star
Honorable Mention – Cassandra W. Mountainville
HM – Jessica I. Entheos
9-12: 1st – Sadie L. Monticello
2nd – James H. Monticello
2D Art: K-2: 1st – Robert L. Mountainville
2nd – Sophia W. Providence Hall
3-5: 1st – Leah P. North Star
2nd – Alayna S. Reagan
6-8: 1st – Hannah A. ALA
2nd – Jace G.
HM – Emma F. Mountainville
9-12: 1st – Austin F. ALA
2nd Kaylea S. North Star
3D Art: K-2: 1st – Kela S. Entheos
2nd – Heidi B. North Star
HM – Jaxson L. Providence Hall
3-5: 1st – Chandler J. Reagan
2nd – Bailey M. Quail Run
HM – Abigail L. Entheos
6-8: 1st – Mitch S. Lincoln
2nd – Mitchel G. Early Light
HM – David A. Reagan
9-12: 1st – Nichole L. UCAS
2nd – Sadie L. Monticello
HM – Ashlyn B. North Star
Photography: K-2: 1st – Mason F. Reagan
2nd – Devyn G. Mountainville
HM – Yenah P. Providence Hall
3-5: 1st – Corwyn G. Mountainville
2nd – Ammon C. Mountainville
HM – Skina S. Reagan
6-8: 1st – Cheyann B. Reagan
2nd – Jaden P. Quail Run
9-12: 1st – Brittany M. UCAS
2nd – Nicole R. Monticello
Film: K-2: 1st – Taylor R. Excelsior
2nd – Cambria Y. North Star
3-5: 1st – Christopher B. Early Light
2nd – Cooper A. The Ranches
HM – Jackson C. Quail Run
6-8: 1st – William C. Mountainville
2nd – Samantha M. Monticello
9-12: 1st – Delon L. UCAS
2nd – Kimber Y. North Star
Digital Art: K-2: 1st – Colin F. ALA
2nd – Maggie M. Mountainville
HM – Courtney C. Mountainville
3-5: 1st – Carter P. Excelsior
2nd – Taylor R. North Star
HM – Conner Y. North Star
6-8: 1st – Ike J. North Star
2nd – Meagan A. North Star
HM – Emilynn J. The Ranches
9-12: 1st – Kaden H. UCAS
2nd – Alex B. Monticello
HM – Shay J. Monticello
Dance/Choreography: K-2: 1st – Clara F. Early Light
2nd – Cambria Y. North Star
3-5: 1st – Anna P. C.S. Lewis
2nd – Megan M. Entheos
6-8: 1st – Allessandra B. The Ranches
2nd – Kelsey D. Monticello
Literature: K-2: 1st – Kenna J. The Ranches
2nd – Yenah P. Providence Hall
3-5: 1st – Emily R.
2nd – Addie W. Entheos
6-8: 1st – Savannah F. John Hancock
2nd – Meagan W. Reagan
9-12: 1st – Lindsey N. Entheos
2nd – Kimber Y. North Star
Musical Composition: K-2: 1st – Abigail B. The Ranches
2nd – Jensen C. Monticello
3-5: 1st – Madison T. Providence Hall
2nd – James B. C.S. Lewis
6-8: 1st – Johannes B. ALA
2nd – Soren P. Reagan9th – 1st – James C. ALA